February 29, 2024
Fucked My Friend's Girlfriend

Hello Pussy lovers… My name is Sachin… I am a resident of Delhi. I’m here to tell you the best English sex story to you. in this story I Fucked My Friend’s Girlfriend and enjoyed her hot pussy.

My height is 5 feet 8 inches. I am only 21 years old now. My penis size is long and thick. I am a cute boy of wheat colour. Mostly I am busy with studies and computer mobile only.

Hope you will like my true English Sex Story.

Computer and mobile are my life… It has become my habit to do such and such things with each software. When nothing makes sense, formatting the hard disk seems to be the last resort.

One day I was trying to extract hidden pornographic photos from the corrupted hard disk of my laptop.

Then suddenly my friend called me and said that the window had blown away from my computer… You come and install the window.

That’s it… I went to his house. His parents had gone to another city for some work. The bastard had invited his girlfriend to his house.

When I reached, he said hello and introduced me to his girlfriend. His girlfriend’s name was Kajal. Kajal was very fair. Kajal’s height was 5 feet, and the figure was 30-28-34.

Kajal also said hi to me, ” I have heard a lot about you… You are a smart and friendly charming boy.

I felt very happy to hear such a positive compliment for the first time from a girl.

Friends, I liked it so much that I could not stop praising it. I also started praising Kajal.

Now you all must know how good it is for girls to praise themselves.

That’s why my friend Raju stopped me and asked – Will he keep praising, or will the computer also correct him?

I said – Friend, I have come to fix the computer only.

My friend said- Computer has come to correct… Just pay attention to the computer… Don’t pay attention to my girlfriend… Chutiya kahin ka…

This talk of my friend did not go down well with his girlfriend. I started installing Windows on the computer… The friend’s girlfriend, Kajal, was sitting nearby.

Fucked My Friend's Girlfriend

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What would I do now… First, I am a bitch, and second, I did not have any girlfriends. Seeing such a hot girl sitting nearby, both my mind and cock were dancing by singing romantic songs.

I installed Windows on the computer, but my cock’s software repeatedly gave notifications t o measure the depth of Kajal’s pussy.

But I was not able to accept the notification. Sala Antivirus (my friend) was sitting next to me.

I was trying to explain to my cock. My cock was trying desperately to enter Kajal’s pussy by tearing both underwear and jeans.

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Kajal was carefully watching my every action… But the fragrance of her beauty had driven me crazy.

Don’t even ask about my cock… I was trying to hide my cock again and again. He had become ferocious in jeans and underwear.

Suddenly Kajal’s eyes fell on my dear cock. When she saw the rising tip of my cock, she was a little shy. But she could not say anything.

After some time, somehow, I installed Windows on the computer. My friend Raju thanked me and said he had installed the software in it too.

I said – Friend, I do not have the CD with the software… If you bring it from the market, then I will install it.

At first, the bitch flatly refused – I will not go to the market and bring it.

He knew very well about me that leaving a girl alone in front of me could be a dangerous game. But I was also no less bastard. I also said confidently that it was okay, don’t go… what about me.

Since he was in great need of a computer, it was necessary for him to run it. That’s why the bastard had to go to the market to get the CD containing the software.

After my friend Raju went to the market, only me and his girlfriend Kajal were left alone in the house.

The chair on which my friend was sitting next to me… Kajal sat next to me on that chair after he went to the market.

Sitting close to me, she once again called me high differently.

I also said hello, ji, in the same way.

Hey, this is magic.

I was thinking about how to start talking to Kajal. But here, Kajal herself had made the beginning.

At first, she was a little shy and slowly said I was paying attention to your every word.

I tried to show a little innocence and said what is the big deal in this… She was paying attention to my every work, which was good for me. Means you must have learned to install Windows?

Ignoring my words, Kajal asked – do you have a girlfriend?

This is what I wanted to hear… I also quickly replied – Kajal, I do not have a girlfriend.

Then Kajal said – such a smart boy should not have a girlfriend. It cannot happen.

I said – it is like that… I don’t have anyone.

Immediately after this, I uttered a surprising line – Kaash koi meri hoti … who used to say that my Babu ate food.

Hearing this, Kajal also became somewhat sad… Then Kajal took my hand and said it is okay, friend… Someday or other, someone will become your girlfriend… Be patient. Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.

I said – lest I should keep being patient and someone else eats the fruit.

Kajal laughed at this and laughed so hard that her other hand went on my cock.

Now you must be wondering how the other hand went on my big cock. So you keep thinking… what is yours.

It was not by any deception; you understand, friend, why a girl’s hand goes on a boy’s cock.

When Kajal’s hand touched my cock, I enjoyed it very much, and I could not stop myself and the sound of ‘ah…’ came out of my mouth.

Kajal was suddenly taken a back, and she shyly removed her hand from my cock.

Now what should I tell brother… already in my mind, thoughts of fucking Kajal were coming again and again… and now my patience was about to break by teasing the cock like a snake.

Kajal shyly asked – Sachin, why did you say ‘a..’ so loudly? … You scared me.

I could not answer his question, but then I mustered up the courage and said openly that, for the first time, a girl had put her hand on my fluttering cock… My sigh on this too… How could this have happened?

Hearing the word Lund Kajal, shyly looked at me with surprised eyes.

I got scared, and I lowered my eyes.

Kajal became very open with this gesture of mine and said- Sachin… you feel like having fun too… and you are scared too?

I understood her point. I said- Hmm, I will be afraid… Because you are my friend’s girlfriend… Meri thodi ho.

Kajal said, ” Your friend Raju is a very stupid type… He never behaves lovingly with me. Saala tera friend always keeps cursing me.

After listening to her mind, I said – Yes, friend, he has been like this since childhood.

Kajal: Sachin, you are different from him. Your behaviour is very good … I wish I were your girlfriend.

Hearing this, I jumped joyfully and stood up and hugged Kajal tightly.

Kajal freed herself from me and said what are you doing, Sachin?

I said fearfully – Kajal, I like you very much… You become my girlfriend, won’t you?

She said- I cannot break friendship with your friend Raju… because he has helped me many times in difficult times.

Due to this, I was very broken because the water was being turned on my standing desires.

I got sad and silently sat back on the chair. Kajal repeatedly said I don’t feel sorry… any girl will become your girlfriend… just try a little.

I was completely silent… Kajal did not like my silence at all. She tried to talk to me again and again… but my heart was broken.

After some time, that bastard friend of mine, Raju, came… As soon as he came, the bastard said – Le Bay Sachin, take this CD… Now install the software quickly.

Who would tell that bitch that Sachin’s software has been destroyed because of your girlfriend’s affair?

I took the CD containing the software and installed all the software on the computer. After setting up the computer, I said bye to my friend and immediately uninstalled myself from his house.

Dear friends, my penis was longing that day. I could unable fuck my friend’s girlfriend, Kajal, on 20 Feb. That ill-fated date was in my mind for the rest of my life.

Then it was 28 Feb.



I grumbled – who is the bosadiwala ringing the doorbell again and again?

“Hello, door open, Sachin..!”

I thought, man, this voice looks familiar; I asked – who is it?

“Sachin I am Kajal…”

When I heard her name, I quickly opened the door, and she entered the room. I said hi to her and asked her to sit.

Kajal said hi and sat on the sofa. I gave her water to drink and asked the reason for coming.

After drinking water, Kajal said- last time, you had become very sad, so I came to meet you. Since you are my boyfriend’s friend, you are also my friend, aren’t you?

I said – Come on, it’s good that you have come to meet me… I could not feel like being without you for the whole night.

Kajal: Sachin, who are you always with me that you could not feel without me the whole night?

I said – Kajal, you have fallen in my heart.

Hearing this, Kajal got up from the sofa, hugged me tightly, and said- I am not worthy of your true love… because I have physical relations with Raju.

I said- Kajal, it doesn’t matter to me what you tell me… I love you.

Hearing this, Kajal became giddy and kissed me on the cheeks.

In reply, I first kissed her on the forehead, then started kissing both cheeks. She was silently hugging me.

Without wasting any time, I made her lie on the bed and kissed her cheeks. She was holding me in her arms. After kissing the cheeks for some time, I put my lips on her pink juicy lips.

I was pressing and sucking her lips in Desi style. For some time, she kept lying quietly without doing anything.

But now she also started supporting me. I was constantly licking her red juicy lips by moving my tongue on her lips.

After kissing her lips continuously for ten minutes, I started kissing her ears. Now she started shaking.

She was getting hot even after kissing on the lips, but suddenly after kissing her ears, she started getting hot even more.

Sobs were coming out of Kajal’s mouth- Aaaaa… Umhhh… Aaah…

I was kissing her ears and rubbing Kajal’s hand in mine. After kissing the flame of his ears, I thought of coming down a little.

I suddenly started kissing her neck. Now there was no condition for Kajal; she had become completely hot. I continuously kissed her neck and under her ears with my hot lips.

Fucked My Friend's Girlfriend

Then I lifted her a little higher and took off her shirt. She protested a little just to show off. But she kept lying quietly.

Within no time, Kajal was lying in front of me in only a bra and salwar. The pointed milk of her round breasts was visible from her bra.

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She said – Sachin will just keep watching, or will he suppress my milk too.

Without giving any answer, I slowly started moving one hand on her round breasts. Sobs were coming out of Kajal’s mouth- Aaaah… Ummah Ummah drink my big boobs, Sachin Raja.

Hearing this, I quickly tore her bra. Now Kajal’s mother was free. Kajal’s breasts were very white. Because of rubbing her nipples from the bra itself, they had turned completely red.

Without delay, I filled a piece of it in my mouth and started sucking it by pressing it on my lips. Started rubbing her other nipple with his hand lovingly.

Kajal was sobbing- Aaaah… Sachin, my life… Aah, drink my raspberry teats…

I was kissing and sucking her white nipples alternately in my mouth. Kajal ran her hand through my hair and pressed my mouth hard on her breasts.

I pressed her nipples with my hands and lips for about ten minutes. After that, I came to her stomach.

When I put my hand on her stomach, she suddenly sobbed – Aaaah, Ummm.

Where was I going to stop now? I started moving my hands and lips on her stomach. There was no stopping her now because she was completely excited. Her sobs were coming out continuously.

She was repeatedly saying, ” Dear Sachin, don’t torture me anymore… Fuck me, Sachin… Aaaah, put your cock in my pussy.

I said – wait for some more time, my life… at least let the system refresh, mad woman.

Now the position was such that I was between both the legs of Kajal. Friends, what a pussy she had. Kajal’s pussy was full, round and Badami coloured.

There was light brown hair on her pussy. When I kissed her on the side of her pussy and thighs, she jumped.

I held Kajal tightly and started kissing her pussy. Kajal was in trouble. She was sobbing…and yearning to be cuddled.

I put my one finger in Kajal’s pussy. I started taking out one of my fingers in her pussy. At the same time, I started kissing Kajal around her navel. I put my tongue in Kajal’s navel.

Now Kajal jumped up and started trying to free herself from me.

I also put my other finger in Kajal’s pussy.

Kajal’s pussy was very tight… I was fucking Kajal with both fingers, and poor Kajal was sobbing- Aaaah… My pussy will explode, Sachin!

I said – how will it explode like this… Someone has not entered a little for the first time.

Kajal’s pussy released water after fucking her with both fingers continuously for five minutes.

Then I applied the juice of Kajal’s pussy on my cock… Kajal got scared seeing my cock and said ah… I will die because of such a big cock.

I spread both Kajal’s legs and placed my cock on her pussy. Then I slowly started inserting my cock in Kajal’s pussy.

Since she was completely aroused and her pussy was also completely smooth with her pink pussy juice, so my cock went inside without any hindrance tearing her pussy completely.

She started screaming, so I stopped and kissed her for a while.

Now I was not in a position to stop, so I started moving my cock in and out of Kajal’s pussy.

Due to this, she also started getting relief after a few moments and giving me full cooperation in sex. She was getting her butts lifted and fucked… It was a lot of fun.

After a while, she fell with a scream. I continued to fuck. After about ten minutes of sex, I left semen in her pussy.

When I moved away from her, Kajal again pulled me towards her and held me tightly in her arms.

After lying to each other like this for some time, we put on our clothes.

Whenever I get time, I love having sex with my friend’s girlfriend and enjoying fucking her pussy.

Hello dear friends, I hope you like my sex story of my friend’s girlfriends sex story.

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