February 23, 2024
Fucked My Neighbor Sister

In today's English Sex Story "I Fucked My Neighbor Sister Who is Thirsty For Getting Cock" after reading this story you will not be able to stop shaking your cock.

In our today’s English Sex Story titled “I Fucked My Neighbor Sister Who is Thirsty For Getting Cock” I assure you that after reading this story you will not be able to stop shaking your cock. Let’s start today’s desi sex story.

My name is Vikas Sharma. I am a resident of Kailash Colony, Delhi. I am 26 years old and I am working in a private company on a good post.

My penis size is 7 inches and it is very thick.

This hot Neighbor sister sex story is about the sex between me and my Neighbor sister Ashika.

I am 4 years older than her.

Her complexion is as white as milk and she is the owner of a doom-like figure.

My aunt’s house is next to my house. Sometimes there used to talk between me and Ashika, mostly related to studies.

Earlier I had nothing in mind for her.

But ever since she stepped into youth, my vision changed and I started dreaming of fucking her.

Sometimes she used to call or message me in connection with her studies.

I used to praise her looks and figure while talking.

She simply avoided the matter smiling lightly.

Whenever she used to come to my house to ask for my help, I used to try to touch her on some pretext.

She also never forbade me to do so.

Sometimes I would rub my elbows on her tits, sometimes I would caress her back.

But the talk could never progress so far that I could get a chance to fuck her. (Fucked My Neighbor Sister)

However, I had understood one thing that something or the other was going on in his mind too.

Now since the matter was of sister, there was no courage from both side.

Last year she got married and went to her in-law’s house.

Even now sometimes our talks used to happen.

One day while talking at night, I sent her an emoji of a kiss.

In reply, she also sent me a kiss emoji.

I asked – where did you give this to?

She sent a winking emoji and asked – where did you feel?

I said – I do not know.

She said – I kissed her on the lips.

I also sent a kiss in reply.

Now he asked me – where did you give it?

I said – on your boobs.

She laughed.

I said – how did you feel?

She said – it was tickling.

I said – I will do it once more then tell.

She said – ok.

I sent the kiss emoji again.

She wrote them a sigh.

I said – what happened?

She laughed and said – Why are you biting?

I said – I have not cut.

She said – it has been cut…if it is not cut then what have you done?

I said – I have sucked. (Fucked My Neighbor Sister)

She said – This is how it gets sucked somewhere?

I said – I suck like this. Pulling… why doesn’t your hubby suck by pulling?

She laughed.

After that, she started talking to me more openly and after that day both of us started talking about sex.

Slowly we both started having phone sex with each other.

Now I write when and how I fucked her.

Ashika had been married for 4 months. She had come to her maternal home. Apart from parents, there were also 2 brothers in his house. The parents had gone to the village for a few days.

Her brothers were young and used to study, so she stayed with them to take care of her brothers.

That day there was a marriage ceremony for one of our relatives.

Her house is also in Kailash Colony.

Everyone from my house had gone there and both his brothers were also to attend.

Corona was over. But because of that I still had the facility to work from home, so I was still working from home and that’s why I could not attend the wedding.

At 7 pm, I got a message from Ashika that her brother is also going to attend the wedding, can you come to my house?

I said – I will go home, but what will I get as a reward?

She said – I am calling to take the reward, not to give it.

I asked – what do you want as a reward?

She said – Banana.

I understood that the fire has started on that side also. Today you will get the fun of hot Neighbor sister sex.

I said – will you give me milk?

She said openly – I will give you pussy too if you come!

I said – I will tear it.

She said – I am also ready to tear.

I said – Come on call as soon as you are alone.

She said- Yes, I will call as soon as the brothers leave.

Today I could see my dream to fucking Neighbor sister is coming true.

I immediately took leave 2 hours early on the pretext of a fever.

She got a call as soon as his brothers left. I quickly went and knocked on his door.

She opened the door and gestured to come inside quickly.

As soon as I went inside, she closed the door and hugged me.

Her big boobs were pressing against my chest.

Her body smelled intoxicating. (Fucked My Neighbor Sister)

I wrapped her in my arms and started kissing her lips between mine.

I started feeling drowsy.

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I put my hand in her T-shirt and was jerking her juicy tits hard.

She was making an intoxicating sound from her mouth.

I was licking her like a hungry animal.

After half an hour the storm calmed down a bit, so I picked her up and took her to bed.

I removed her T-shirt and lower.

Her marble white body in bra panty was in front of me and was driving me crazy.

I wanted to devour her like a sensual man.

Then I removed her bra and pressed her boobs hard.

After that, I took off her panty by pulling it with my teeth.

She had become completely naked.

Seeing her spotless body, my cock was in awe.

The condition of the cock was such that if I hit it against the wall, it would hit like a nail.

Sister’s pussy was very fair and clean.

There was a clear glimpse of the moisture dripping from her pussy.

I put a pillow under her waist and spread her legs.

She would have understood something now that I started licking her pussy with my tongue.

She was whining in an intoxicating voice, due to which my enthusiasm was increasing.

she put her legs around my neck 

Wrapped her and lifting her waist, she started enjoying getting her pussy sucked.

Then I rounded my tongue and put it in her pussy and started drinking her pussy juice.

The smell of her pussy was such that it could drive anyone crazy.

After a while, I put 2 fingers in her pussy and started shaking it vigorously.

She started flirting to take out the finger, but I kept moving my finger in the pussy vigorously.

Tears welled up in his eyes. Then taking out a finger from her pussy, I asked her to lick her finger.

She started cleaning my finger by licking it.

After licking her pussy and injuring it with my finger, I started sucking her nipples and biting her nipples slowly with my teeth.

She was stuffing her nipples in my mouth with her hands. I was sucking her white nipples with great love.

After a while, I put my cock in her mouth and asked her to suck it.

She sucked my cock for 15 minutes and started saying – Please, I am not going to continue, fuck me quickly.

I lubricated my cock more by applying spit and putting the nut of the cock on her pussy.

She also shook her waist and set the tip of cock in the mouth of the pussy.

When I pushed hard, half the cock entered my pussy.

A scream came out of her mouth.

She started moaning with pain and said – Your brother-in-law’s cock is small and has never gone so deep.

Ignoring her pain, I again gave a hard push.

My whole cock went deep into the pussy.

Then I started fucking her hard. (Fucked My Neighbor Sister)

I would take the cock out more than half and then put it completely inside with a jerk.

Her sweet pained voice was making me lustful.

In a short while, she also started enjoying and she also started picking up her ass and getting fucked.

While fucking her, I was also sucking and pressing her nipples.

After a long fight, my semen was about to come out.

Ashika had also fallen twice.

I asked her where do I get my semen?

She said – take it out in the pussy only.

After a few minutes, I fell in her pussy and lay down hugging her.

When I asked her about her experience, she said – today I am completely satisfied. Feeling like heaven.

After some time I asked her to suck cock.

She came in 69 and started sucking each other’s parts.

I wiped her pussy with a sheet and started licking her pussy.

She was also sucking her pussy by pressing both her legs on both sides of my mouth.

He was getting great pleasure in getting her pussy licked.

After some time, she raised her pussy slightly from my mouth and said – Brother, now you take out your tongue. I will rub my pussy on your tongue.

I understood that she has become a confirmed whore.

I stuck my tongue out and she started rubbing her pussy on my tongue.

By doing this, the grain of her pussy was rubbing with my tongue.

She was enjoying getting her pussy rubbed and licked while moaning.

I asked her – why doesn’t your husband suck pussy?

She said abusing him – motherfucker Asshole… doesn’t know anything and neither does his cock have guts.

I said – Come on, now I will come to do welfare of your pussy.

In this way both of us got hot again and this time she started riding my dick.

Her breasts jumping in the air were presenting a mesmerizing sight.

She was swinging on my cock laughingly.

I told her – I want to drink teat.

She started shaking her ass by hanging her teat in my mouth.

I started fucking her while sucking her milk.

Like that, it had been close to two hours while both of us were fucking.

When the semen came out of the cock for the third time,

She said – My brother must be coming in a while. Now you go quickly.

I kissed her lips hard and came to my house dreaming of the next fuck.

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