February 23, 2024
Have Sex with Childhood Friend

Today I again came to share my English Sex Story with you through this readxstories.com when I got to Have Sex with Childhood Friend.

First of all, let me introduce my childhood friend to you.

Her name is Naina. She is quite fair and a bit fat in appearance.

But she is the owner of a very good body.

I have been friends with him since childhood.

We both studied and grew up together.

Till now, I had never seen Naina from the point of view of sex.

It is a matter of luck for me that even today, we are neighbours, and our houses are close.

It all started about two years back.

It was about summertime when I walked on my terrace in the evening.

That’s why Naina hurriedly came to the terrace and suddenly turned around.

SHE PUT HER PYJAMAS DOWN before I could understand anything and started peeing and sitting.

He didn’t pay attention to me.

But when she stood up, I could see her buttocks’ big and fair roundness.

Seeing Naina’s fair butts, all my thoughts changed for her.

I could not believe that my friend would be the owner of such lovely butts.

After that, she went downstairs.

But my dick got hard, and I just started thinking of fucking him.

The very next day, we both met.

I thought I’d mention it about tomorrow.

So who knows if I get a chance.

That day both of us were sitting on the terrace of her house after playing.

Then I pointed to the place where she had urinated.

I said – what were you doing here yesterday in the evening?

As soon as I said this, a small smile appeared on her face.

She said – how did you know what I was doing?

I said – I was also standing here when you took off your pyjamas.

Saying this, I started laughing.

She also started smiling.

Then she said – you could have stopped me by giving voice then. Why didn’t you stop?

I said – Hey, how did I know what you are sitting down to do.

She said- I was sitting down later; I had put my pyjamas down before sitting.

Have Sex with Childhood Friend

I said – yes, that is fine, but everything happened so quickly that I did not understand what to say.

She said – everything means?

I said – after taking off your pyjama, I started seeing something, so I forgot what I should do.

She started looking at me with mischief in her eyes.

Seeing this, I dared and said – Friend, your butts are so cool!

There was no significant adverse reaction from him.

With this, I courageously turned my hand on one of her butts and pressed it.

She caught my hand and said, ” Don’t do like this man. I have something.

I said – what happened?

She didn’t say anything.

He bowed her eyes.

I pressed one of her asses again and said- tell me what happened?

She said in a low voice – It seems that just someone should put a muscle on it.

Pressing her ass harder, I said – Do you mean to give them any muscle?

She said – you are crazy, do not understand!

I said – I understand everything. Let me walk you through the room and explain everything.

He didn’t answer anything; it clearly showed her consent to me.

Then I took her to an empty room on the terrace and made her stand before me.

She was silent and wanted to say something repeatedly, looking at me and becoming silent.

I went ahead and took her in my arms.

She, too, immediately fell into my arms.

Her hot youth felt like scorching me.

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I held her in my arms and started kissing her neck; then, her intoxicating sounds started coming out.

After a few moments, I removed the head and put my lips on her lips.

She also started insisting on lip-kissing with me.

We both kissed each other deeply.

When I got her support, I stuck my tongue in her mouth.

At first, she was taken aback, but the next moment she started sucking my tongue as if she was sucking my dick.

After some time, I pulled my tongue back into my mouth, and he gave her tongue in mine.

I also started sucking her tongue and started drinking her saliva.

After about ten minutes, we separated and started looking at each other with lustful eyes.

Suddenly she hugged me again and started kissing me on the chest.

In this way, both of us kept kissing each other for a long time.

Along with kissing, I kept pressing the roundness of her ass.

After that, I started licking her neck and ear, so she became very hot, and her eyes started closing.

I caught one of her boobs from the top of the T-shirt and pressed it.

Her breath started increasing.

I was also filled with lust.

I could not believe that I was doing this with my childhood friend.

Then I suddenly separated her T-shirt from her body.

Now she was in front of me in a blue bra; I will never forget this scene.

I opened the strap of her bra and started licking her bare waist.

She was very fair and attractive too.

My dick had become very hot and hard.

I untied her salty body from the bra, and my eyes widened as soon as I turned her towards me.

Naina’s body was naked from above, and big swinging boobs danced before me.

Her nipples were pink and hard.

As soon as I saw them, I put one in my mouth and took a bite while sucking it.

Naina screamed a little at this.

After that, I breastfed for a long time, due to which Naina’s intoxicating sounds started coming out, and our intercourse became even more exciting.

After breastfeeding, I got down on my knees and pulled down her pyjamas.

Now I started licking her legs.

In this way, Naina was now in front of me, only in her panties.

My dick was getting torn.

Then I started kissing her vagina from the top of Naina’s panty.

Her panty had become very wet.

Without delay, I took down her panty.

Uff, what a sight it was. Her vagina had become very sticky; He had light hair on it.

I touched her hot cunt and started licking it like crazy.

Her intoxicating voices were coming out.

Have Sex with Childhood Friend

I turned her around while licking her vagina and started licking her round balls individually.

I was full of lust, and I could not help it.

Then I spread her clits and started licking the middle line.

She got very hot.

Then I started caressing her vagina.

At the same time, her hot lava came out, and I went on drinking it.

Now I took off my pyjamas and took out my dick, and came in front of Naina.

She was shocked to see my dick because it was a new feeling for her.

I waved my dick in front of her mouth and made a silent gesture to suck her dick.

She caught the dick by hand and started caressing.

For some time, she kept playing with my dick, and then I pressed her shoulders and indicated to her to sit down.

She took my dick in her mouth, sat on her knees, and started sucking.

Ahh dick sucking is the best process in the world.

She had lubricated my dick with her spit briefly, and she started saying – now just … fit it in its place.

I asked her to lean slightly against the wall, and she agreed.

I started rubbing my dick on the crevice of her vagina and buttocks, which made her very horny.

Now I was rubbing my dick over her vagina.

She was also trying to slip my dick in her Tight Pussy.

Taking the opportunity, I put my dick supra in her vagina.

Naina was very upset about this; she started pushing me to stop.

But without stopping, I made the next attack, due to which my penis entered inside, tearing more than half of her vagina.

Naina screamed, and I covered her mouth with my hand.

She started asking me to remove the penis, but I did not agree and kept the penis lying inside.

As soon as it became a little normal, I started taking my dick out.

Now he also started feeling very good.

Her screams turned into intoxicating voices.

I started rubbing her well.

She gave me full support.

My shocks remained normal.

I was pressing her boobs along with fucking her.

She was also taking full pleasure in cuddling.

I still couldn’t believe I was having sex with my childhood friend.

I also slapped her butt, and she made intoxicating sounds with my every slap.

My thrusts were going on at a constant pace while doing Readxstories.com

While pushing, he and I reached our climax, and I took my dick out of her vagina.

While rubbing her dick on her butt, he removed all her semen.

This is how I had sex with my childhood friend for the first time.

After this, I spent many good moments with him, and he also gave me a lot of pleasure.

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