February 25, 2024
I Fucked My Big Sister

Hello, friends, today I have come to tell you a sex story of whose name is "I Fucked My Big Sister On The Terrace While Taking A Bath In The Rain".

Hello, friends, I am your Piya, today again I have come to tell you a sex story of a boy whose name is “I Fucked My Big Sister On The Terrace While Taking A Bath In The Rain”.

Hello Friends, My Name is Sumit and I’m 19 years old. I have two sisters, the first one is 17 years old and the second one is 20 years old.

Now I am going to tell you how I fucked my sister Ashika in the rain. This was only a few days back. That day both mother and father had gone on their duty and I was alone at home.

My elder sister Ashika (20 years) had gone to college and my younger sister Poonam (17 years) had gone to her friend’s as she had to go to the hostel the next day. That day I was sitting in my room talking.

At the same time when I looked outside, I saw big thick clouds in the sky. I spoke to Ashika and Poonam on the phone, Poonam said she will come by evening but Ashika said she will be home in just a while, she was on the way.

Only then I saw that it started raining heavily. I love to bathe in the rain, so immediately went to the terrace wearing half pants and started enjoying the rain by getting drenched in the rain.

After a while, the doorbell rang. I came down drenched and opened the door and saw Ashika standing at the door and she was completely drenched.

When I opened the door, she was removing water from her dupatta in her hand, and at the same time, my eyes fell on her nipples, due to which her whole dress got stuck to her body due to getting wet in water.

I saw that her black bra was showing through her pink suit and her boobs were half-white and round from above.

On seeing me, I started getting intoxicated and my cock started getting erect. Then she came inside, I saw her ass very carefully from behind, she was looking very round and cool.

I went inside behind her and asked what is the need to get wet in water, then Ashika said that when I was near it started raining and anyway I like to get wet in water.

So I said okay, I am going to the terrace to take a bath in the rain, saying this I came up and started thinking about Ashika while taking a bath. (I Fucked My Big Sister)

Only then I saw that Ashika also came up and started getting wet in the rain. It was raining very heavily here, I was only wishing that it would rain.

I was avoiding looking at her wet body, I saw her pink lips turn red and her half-nipples were desperate to come out of her salwar and her beautiful legs were looking very cool.

My mood started getting bad and I thought now let’s enjoy real fun today by giving medicine to my dear sister, what will happen will be seen,

thinking this my cock started to erect, and here Ashika was getting drenched in full intoxication.

In no time my cock stood in my half pant and was clearly visible from above. I saw that Ashika’s eyes fell on my pant,

she looked at it and then smiled a little and got busy getting wet. The rainwater was reading all over her body and her lips were turning red.

I was not going to stop there, I slowly went behind Ashika and put my hand on her waist, and lifted her from behind, so that my cock was very close to her ass.

Ashika immediately separated me from shock and said Brother what are you doing, so I told her Ashika you are looking amazing today, I want to love you and I want you since childhood.

So Ashika said that you are not ashamed of thinking like this about your sister. So I said my queen, how would I feel when you are not ashamed to see my cock and bathe half of your body in front of me.

Saying this I held her head and pressed my lips to her lips and started sucking her lips hard and with one hand started pressing her right side ass and left side holding her waist with my hand.

I held Ashika tightly and she was trying to move away from me. I kept pressing her lips for 5 minutes and kept pressing her ass. Oh my God what a big and cool ass she had, (I Fucked My Big Sister)

At that time that roof was looking like heaven to me. Then I saw that now Ashika was also getting weak because I was holding her very tightly. It was still raining heavily.

Leaving Ashika’s lips, I started pressing and sucking her breasts from the top of her salwar, now I was getting excited. I lifted Ashika’s Suit up and put one hand in her Suit and put my hand in her salwar and started caressing her.

Ashika was now just saying “Leave me brother this is wrong” but where was I to listen, I was to my own tune, and her ass and tits were being pressed.

I grabbed her salwar from below and started pulling it with my hands and I pulled her salwar down forcefully, seeing her bare legs

I became more excited and I kissed her feet and felt the rain falling on her feet. Was sucking the drops and licking and kissing her legs with my tongue.

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Kept kissing the legs for 5 minutes and Ashika was enjoying even more, she was just closing her eyes. now my dear sister Ashika was in bra and panty.

I went mad after seeing her fair body, for one it was raining and water was falling from above, what can I tell friends, she was looking amazing. (I Fucked My Big Sister)

I first kissed her stomach and while kissing her moved towards her nipples, now I started pressing Ashika’s nipples with one hand and started sucking Ashika’s lips.

Ashika was a little agitated now and was making sssshhhhhh sounds. I freed Ashika’s bra from the top, as soon as her tight bra opened, her lovely and perky boobs became free.

I started pressing her nipples and started sucking and biting her in between, I slowly came up to her thighs while kissing her body, and pulled down Ashika’s pink panty. Turned so much that her pussy was hidden.

I forcefully removed both of Ashika’s legs, Ashika’s pussy was pink and tight and covered with dark black hairs. Now I started kissing her pussy.

Wow, what a taste of my sister’s pussy, I was sucking her pussy and I saw that now Ashika was also excited and the sound of a sigh was coming from her mouth.

After sucking Ashika’s pussy for about 15 minutes, I put my finger in Ashika’s tight pussy and started fingering. Ashika was trying to get out by holding my hand, but I removed her hands and continued fingering her.

I saw some white type of thing coming out of her pussy and I understood that my queen’s water started falling, I quickly bent down and started licking her, and here Ashika was making sounds like ohh ohh ohh.

My 7-inch cock was also fully erect now, I didn’t want to delay, so I lifted Ashika’s legs and spread them and put my cock on her pussy, and pushed her hard.

Half of my cock penetrated my lovely sister Ashika’s pussy and Ashika screamed out loud “Aahh may aaaah ooooohhhh drrrrrrrhaa haiiiiii aaaaahh” Brother it is hurting get out quickly “ahhhh” and she started crying slowly. (I Fucked My Big Sister)

I told her that my life will start enjoying in a while and by saying this I lay on top of her and started sucking her pink nipples and started pressing her nipples,

Still Ashika was shaking her head and holding my hands trying to remove me. was trying to At the same time she was also doing ah ah ah.

Half of my cock was in Ashika’s pussy and I could not tolerate it and I shot hard by holding Ashika’s waist and this time my whole cock entered Ashika’s pussy, I immediately closed her mouth with one hand.

While Ashika’s voice remained muffled, I saw that tears were falling from Ashika’s eyes due to pain and she was shaking her waist vigorously so that the testicles came out of her pussy.

I bent down and sucked her tears and then removed my hand from her mouth and started sucking her lips. After doing this for a while I took out my cock and hit a strong shot and my cock penetrated the root of Ashika’s pussy.

Now my cock hair and her pussy hair were completely cut off, I started fucking Ashika with full enthusiasm.

Only sighs were coming out of Ashika’s mouth and I was pressing her breasts hard and moving my cock back and forth in her pussy. After continuous fucking for about 10 minutes, I saw that now Ashika was feeling a little calmer and closing her eyes was saying ah ah ah ah ah.

I took my cock out of my pussy and held Ashika’s waist and made her doggy style. Ashika got down on her knees doggy style as I wanted to fuck Ashika from the ass side so that I could enjoy her juicy ass.

After that i started fucking her at full speed, while fucking my whole cock was going in her pussy and my testicles were touching her ass, I felt like a monster at that time. After about 10 minutes of sex,

I dropped my juice in Ashika’s relaxation. I was completely tired now, I lay down next to Ashika on the ground, Ashika was also taking it with her eyes closed. (I Fucked My Big Sister)

While sleeping I thought about what I have done, and don’t know what Ashika will do, meanwhile, Ashika turned towards me and said- Brother, you are very rude.

I was shocked to hear that I thought she will scold me then she said Brother I knew you do all this with me after my sleep and I have also secretly seen when you used to watch blue movies so I asked That you said something, why not,

then Ashika said – Brother, I also enjoyed. And saying this she hugged me and started kissing my cheeks.

We both went cold for a while. Ashika dying of love said that “I will never make you do all this, you do it too loud” and I started dying, I kissed her and calmed down and said “Forgive me, my dear sister. I did this like crazy. Did.” I love you” and then we changed clothes and went to sleep.

So guys how do you like my story?

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